Pearl Drums:

Pearl Masterworks Drums 

Wood config: 4 ply 5mm shells featuring 2 outer plies of Maple and 2 inner plies of African Mahogany with 4 ply African Mahogany reinforcement rings. 

Finish/Hardware: Black Matte Mist with Black Nickel Plated Hardware, all Die Cast Hoops and Reference Style Lugs. 

The sizes and bearing edges are: 8x7" Rack Tom, 10x7" Rack Tom,12x8" Rack Tom (Rounded 45 Degree), 14x14" Floor Tom, 16x14" Floor Tom, 18x6" Gong (Fully Rounded), 22x18" Kick (Fully Rounded), 14x6.5" (Fully Rounded Top/45 Degree Bottom)  

Pedals: Redline Eliminators 
Hardware: Pearl 1000 series hardware, Stack: CH-1000, AX-25's adapters and other various

Sabian Cymbals:

(Usual Setup Left to Right)
15″ HHX Groove Hats
19" Artisan Crash
10″ HHX Evolution Splash
19″ Paragon China under 18″ Ozone Crash (stack)
20″ Artisan Crash
22″ HHX Legacy Heavy Ride
19″ AAX X-treme China

Remo Skins:

Kick: Powerstroke 3
Snare: Controlled Sound Coated/Clear
Toms (tops): Clear Emperors
Toms (bottoms): Clear Ambassadors

Promark Sticks:

TX5BW Classic Forward 5B Hickory, Oval Wood Tip
Length: 16”
Diameter: .590”

Shure Microphones:

Kick: BETA 52 (out), BETA 91/A (in) Solomon Mic LoFreQ Subkick (out)
Snare: SM-Beta 57 (top and bottom)
Toms: BETA 98D/S
Over Heads: SM-81
Hi Hat: KSM137
Ride: KSM137

Miscellaneous - Software, other equipment: